Mission Statement 

Our philosophy at Murrieta Ranch Pre-school and Kindergarten is to provide your child with a safe, warm, and developmentally appropriate environment…an environment that will heighten the child’s natural curiosity and wonder of the world. We are here to enhance the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of your “little one.” A large variety of hands-on learning experiences will help your child develop a positive attitude about school now and for the future.

The child, from birth to 5, learns at a more rapid rate than at any other time in life. Since self-esteem is developed and will be a major influence throughout a child’s life, our mission is to provide your child with the opportunity to achieve and be successful, with respect for individuality.

Our Goals

  1. To promote the development of healthy self-esteem from the inside out
  2. To promote self-discipline
  3. To create parent-teacher partnerships
  4. To identify the value of making “good choices”
  5. To promote social skills and the value of friendships
  6. To facilitate the ability to enjoy being a cooperative member of a group
  7. To develop respect for property and living things

With healthy self-esteem, a child can be successful and accomplish anything!