Kindergarten Program

• Full Day Kindergarten • 8:15-2:30 (early drop-off and late pick-up available)
• Open Court Reading • SRA Math • Zoo Phonics • Science & Exploration
Handwriting without Tears • Daily Center Rotations • Weekly Art & Music
• Large Playgrounds • Large and Small Animal Interaction
• Fulfills State & District Standards
• Snacks & Lunch Included
• After-School Program in Classroom 2:30-6:00pm

Welcome to the Kindergarten program at Murrieta Ranch Pre-School. Our full day Kindergarten classroom offers hands-on learning experiences for your child along with an academic curriculum that meets both the California State and the local district requirements. Our low student to teacher ratio in the classroom allows for formal desk-time instruction, as well as center rotations. This enables the teachers to easily assess each child’s learning style and progress in order to provide extra attention where needed.

Reading and Phonics Program
Zoo Phonics
Zoo Phonics is a tangible, hands-on program that is fun for the children to learn. Each letter has an animal, name, hand signal, and the letter sound associated with it, allowing for quick memorization. This program is used for implementing phonemic awareness in the Murrieta District classrooms as well.

Open Court
Open Court is a systematic, explicit instructional program for teaching strategies and skills for reading and writing. Instruction is based on the following: phonemic awareness, phonics and word knowledge, comprehension skills and strategies, inquiry, writing and language art skills and strategies.

SRA Math
Once a math skill has been introduced, it is integrated, practiced, and reviewed in mixed practice and in context throughout the grade level as they continually review previously introduced skills.

Music and Art, Science and Social Studies
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will complete thematic or free choice art projects. Free art choices are available every day in the art center as well. Music and movement will be held on Tuesday and Thursday. We will complete theme-related science and social studies projects and curriculum.

Center Rotations
Center Rotations will start several weeks into the year and will be held every morning with the exception to the month of May when we will begin final assessments. Center Rotations include math, writing, science, reading/pre-reading, art, free choice, puzzles, etc.

Handwriting Without Tears
Handwriting Without Tears is a simple writing system used to learn the proper strokes for writing letters and numbers.

Your child’s homework envelope will contain family friendly assignments. These assignments are a review of the curriculum that we have covered in the classroom. However, if you ever find that your child does not understand the assignment, please return it to us for help. Homework should take approximately 15-20 minutes (not including reading and Star Word work).

Reading for Success
Reading for Success is a program implemented to encourage you to read every night with your child. For every five books read and recorded, your child earns a sticker. For every 30 books, your child is allowed to pick a free book from the book box.

Monthly Book Club
Scholastic offers will be sent out every two to four weeks for you to consider. Our classroom benefits from parent purchases.


Toys, Games and Miscellaneous personal items
Toys brought from home are not permitted due to the distractions that they cause. Due to time restraints, it is not possible for share time. Theme-related books are welcome at any time. We ask for your help in saying “no” to your child and we appreciate your understanding in respecting this policy.

Pencil Boxes and Supplies 
Your child will need a pencil box with crayons, colored pencils, writing pencils (large Kindergarten size are a good choice), a large pink or white eraser, and a child’s sized pair of scissors. No markers or pencil sharpeners please.

Other policies and rules will be provided upon enrollment